Using the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Pallet; Ring the Alarm

So last week week… I took videos and pictures and tried posting about it but it did not work out to well. I could not figure out how to get the edited videos uploaded and then somehow they got deleted?! Then in the almost end of writing this post, my computer turned off and would not turn back on again. So, my amazing husband picked me up another one and we are back at it….

I went to Ulta and Target last weekend, why did they put both of them in the same plaza? Well I got a bunch of different products that I am excited to review and talk to you about. Hopefully these tutorials will be in video form in the next upcoming weeks. But I wanted to share what I have been doing and talk about some products. So first off is the Morphe Jacklyn Hill Pallet, Ring the Alarm. Before I get into it I want to let you know that this was not any PR or anything like it. I just hit up Ulta like anyone else looking for what caught my eye and what I thought would be interesting to use. I will be talking about the concealer, mascara, and new eyeliner I used as well in this look in upcoming post. My goal is for these is to be a basic consumer who has thoughts and wants to share them with you.

My thoughts:

Overall I really liked this pallet. The colors are nice to use, they are pretty true to color as well, and I had no problem blending them. They also didn’t leave any staining for me. But overall I would have liked a wider range of colors. Like using the colors together work but I felt like I kept wanting to go to a different pallet to add dimension to my looks.

My look:

How To:

My Overall Breakdown:

Cost effective: 9/10
Pigment overall 9/10
Crease free: 10/10
Fade Resistant 9/10
Easy to work with 9.5/10
Smell: 9/10
Overall Star equivalent: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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