Being Spontaneous with Our Family!

One Saturday morning, my husband and I were sitting together enjoying our coffee together. Talking about everything that we need to get done for the day; the clothes we need to be washed for Monday, the cleaning we needed to get caught up on, the groceries we need to buy for the next coming week. Basically, the same thing we do every Saturday. Yes, we will plan things to do, plan, plan, plan… There is always a plan. With three girls and household to keep up on, everything is a plan, that needs to be so neatly organized. But both of us were just so tired of being well… so organized. It was like watching a clock as it proceeds through time. At first, it is almost satisfying, watching each second, each minute, each hour tick by, seemingly working together to get to the next step. But then you actually hear the ticking; tick, tick, tick over and over and freaken over again until you want to silence that annoying tick and wish it would just stop. We had finally hit the annoying tick part. Yes, everything was working together to get to the next step, but we were just done with it for that moment.

As a result of that annoying tick that had mustered inside both of us, we started to brainstorm. What can we do really fast, cheap, but fun? Something that really doesn’t need to be planned to have a good time. Finally, we came to the conclusion to drive up to Niagara Falls, grab something to eat and go look around and walk around and have the fun we so desperately need in our lives! So we all got ready, and headed up to Niagara Falls. We found ourselves getting lost on how to even get close to the Falls. Combine that with the fact that every restaurant that we put in our GPS was closed to begin with, we then started to roam the city driving around until we came upon a hot dog stand. This was not in our thoughts, we were thinking about going to a nice restaurant, sitting down in the air conditioning and enjoying our moments. But then again that does sound like a plan. doesn’t it? haha. Right beside that hot dog stand was an ice cream shop, which the girls wanted to go to first, and we quickly diverted them back to the hot dog stand. As we got out dogs we got to watch the helicopter for viewing the falls land and go, my youngest slowly walked around trying to catch birds, and my two oldest laughed and giggled as they told each other jokes. After our quick bite, we headed to the ice cream shop, where we all ordered the same swirl ice cream, and walked around to the random items they had displayed.

The ice cream was quickly devoured so we decided to find our way to the actual falls. I am not going to lie we were kind of afraid that we would end up in the line to Canada but never the less we went for it. We actually made it without a problem and began to walk around looking at the power the falls contained. All of us were in awe at how big the Falls actually were. Even the girls were speechless which never happens haha. We continued to walk around going down stairs, up stairs and around all the food and attraction sites. Until we realized we were on the Three Sisters Island. haha. What a weird coincidence! We saw a black squirrel and many birds, we looked at all the different waterfalls that were within a nice walking distance from our car until it began to get dusk out. Our day seemed to be done as we all were ready to get back to our van and rest our legs. So we headed home, talking about everything we had done and saw during the day and how fun it was.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but looking back that was probably one of the best days we have had in a long time, and we only spent maybe $50 for everything. Thinking about how non-planned that day was made me aware that we go through spontaneous event in our life all the time. Usually, they are not the best experiences, they are the ones that are time-consuming usually really expensive and overall dreadful to deal with. But when we chose to be spontaneous for ourselves, at the right moment we can create the happiness that can never be bought. We often get caught up in our plans and forget what the most important things in life are. They are the moments we create in one click of that clock, the moments that can never be planned and the moments that will always change the way we view our lives. These are the days we will always cherish, the days we will look back on and laugh about. Days like this are the ones I hope to continue to happen in my family and hope you start doing in your life. Let’s take days to get out of that plan mode and into unforgettable moments.

Because sometimes we need to look at the world through our kids eyes, through the eyes of a child who never plans anything. The ones who only wants to discover what is right in front of them. When we do that, our world is finally the place that we had hoped for but never took the time to realize.

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