Lashes! Will My Eyes Ever Be the Same?!

Growing up I never once put on a pair of lashes. We were mostly into spider lashes where you put as much maybelline mascara on as possible and pretended that when you washed it off that half your lashes did not come off with it, haha have to love the early 00’s. So, as I got more into doing my makeup and understanding techniques I realized this was something I needed to study and learn about. So I went to youtube to figure out how to do this and was pleasantly surprised at the videos I came across. Now I can finally put them on and get the look I am have been trying so hard to get.

Here Is Five YouTube Videos That Helped Me Actually Get These Suckers On!

False Lases: Do’s and Don’t for beginners!
How to Apply false lashes for beginners quick and simple|Beauty Basics
How to apply strip lashes for beginners
How to apply and clean lashes
How I apply lashes|3 ways

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