My Favorite Makeup Items under $10 for July!

Every item I am about to list I used for this makeup look. I am posting it so you can see the overall look and then I will explain why I am in love with these products right now!

All The Products I Will Be Talking About

If you can’t tell by the products in this picture, I maybe a little over in love with Maybelline right now. But hell it fits my budget, and the products do exactly what I want. What more can I ask?

1) Milani Make It Last Setting Spray- Prime-Correct-Set

I LOVE this setting spray. At first I was only using it as a setting spray after all my makeup has been applied. But since I live in a humid area, my primer has being feeling very oily and my makeup applications have not been coming out as good as it was before. Then I actually noticed it said prime and decided to use this instead of my old primer. Since it is a mist, it goes on really nice and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed an non oily. If you are having the same problems I was then I suggest buying this one. It does have a scent but it is very light and I actually enjoy the way it smells. I also love the price point at being around $10 it also conformably fit into my budget and I didn’t feel guilt buying it at all! And I feel guilty about buying everything haha! You can find it pretty much anywhere I bought mine from Target, but if you like to order online than you can click this link here and order it right from there site. I do not make any money off promoting there website or product I am just listing it you can look at the product more easily.

2) Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder in Light

I have been actually using this product for a long time! I use it to do my “baking” under my contour, under my eyes, on my forehead and on my chin. This is also my go to if I use a darker stick foundation for contour or a contour stick, and especially if I use other liquid type products. I use to by taking a big brush and swirling it around my face to help keep it from being sticky and to help the product stay into place since I use a liquid foundation. It not only helps keep everything in place but it also helps keep it under control throughout the day. That’s why I had to list it for July. With the weather and the humidity that I have to deal with throughout the day, I couldn’t imagine not using this product! It is and has been truly a makeup saver! If you are interested in this product you can find it at pretty much any store, I bought mine from my local grocery store, which is funny story. The whole reason I got this is because I couldn’t find my powder and needed something really fast to do my makeup on a trip down to see my grandma. It also fit my budget at being around $6-$8, I mean you really can’t beat that! I also think it is so funny that I end up finding really good products when I least expected it! If your a person who likes to buy products online you can get it here. <- This is an affiliate link.

3) Maybelline City Bronzer

I picked up this gem with the highlighter I am going to mention next. I have been contouring with a darker shade stick foundation but since the weather has been extremely hot and humid it has been causing me to break out in certain spots and I just really am not loving the way it feels on my face anymore. So I went back to looking at bronzers because they give a nice summer glow! This bronzer hits everything I am looking for! Plus it was in my budget, its not to dark for my skin, also not to light, and gives that glow I really wanted for summer makeup. Like the others this is also something that fit nicely into my budget at being only $7-$10 depending on where you buy it. If you are interested in this product you can check it out here. <– This is an affiliate link.

4) Maybelline Master Holographic Highlighter

I bought this highlighter after I found my Becca Highlighter broken all over the floor. I am not even going to try and explain how upset I us in the moment… Mostly because I am cheap haha and that was probably the most expensive highlighter I have ever bought. But I found this one and I have to say I am not disappointed. Especially for the price at $6-$10 depending on where you buy it. I will say that at first I wasn’t sure about it because it seems a little “glittery” for my taste. But, after wearing it especially with the city bronzer I really felt like I had the glow I wanted for the summer! If you are interested in this product you can click the link here! <– this is an affiliate link.

5) Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Lipstick in Seductress

I have had this lipstick for a couple months now, and it never stops to amaze me. In the picture of me above the lipstick has a shimmer to it, that is because I added elf liquid highlighter to the center of my lips just to get that glow since I want to be glowing for summer. If you haven’t gotten that by now haha And the picture above of my swatch is shiny because it was still wet. That is the amazing thing about this product. It goes on shiny but dries to a perfect matte. It also doesn’t feel tight on my lips and it stays on for a really long time, even after eating and drinking I still had this on my lips. I also love the wand, which I think is what makes this go on so well. The swatch above was just from me going over my skin once, so the pigment is just perfect. The only thing I would say I am not trilled with is the drying time, it does take a few minutes for it to dry and get in the state of matte and staying. But at only $7-$8 I cant complain at all. If you are interested in this product you can check it out here .

6) L’Oreal- Infallible- The Super Slim- Black Liquid Eyeliner

Finally, but defiantly not last is this amazing liquid eyeliner. Which I have a funny story with. So, I have been searching for a good liquid eyeliner for months, and I mean MONTHS!!!! Everything I kept buying was either to dry or faded out as I put it on. So one day I was sitting down complaining to my husband as I was putting my eyeliner on, and he said that he had to go to the store. When he came home he had this amazing liner! I thought it was so funny that he found the perfect one that did exactly what I wanted it to do since he is such a manly man haha I guess I am just getting him ready to handle our three girls when they get older! Anyways, This liner is perfectly black the tip isn’t dry and the liquid always fills up all the way to the tip. Maybe I am just picky when it comes to liners, but if your like me and want to pick up this amazing piece you can get it here for about $7.

If you like what you read please leave a comment and let me know if you use one of these products and what you think of them, or even what product you would like to buy!

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