Surprised by a 9.99 Pallet!

So my sister in law sent me the pallet ‘ I’m with the band’ by Essence a little over a month ago. She knows my obsession with music and I was so surprised by the kindness of her heart that I honestly didn’t even want to use it!

I never even heard of this pallet so I was very excited to see what it had in store. The names of each eye shadow like, say my name, I felt was very fitting towards the colors. But how well would they really work? Would the red stain? Would the pigments hold up? So I dove into testing it out, and seeing what it really could offer.

This is the look I finally came up with. Color ‘don’t speak’ on the outer corner, with ‘where is my mind’ to smoke it out and ‘enter sandman’ on my inner lid and topped with wet and wild’s felt tip eye liner.

Overall the eye shadows were easy to work with and the overall color payout was nice. But I still had a problem with red or ‘don’t speak’. Unlike others it did not leave any staining at all but it took a lot to get it even that red and every time I blended it out, it would seemingly lighten to almost a pinkish. It would not build at all and it also was the color with the most fall out. Surprisingly ‘enter sandman’ would be my favorite of the three, as it went on nicely was easy to build (but wasn’t needed). The overall shock and surprise from this pallet is how long this eye shadow stayed on. One thing with cheap pallets is that they tend to not last that long, having to be touched up throughout 8 hours. So when I was getting ready for bed, after running around for 10 hours, after I had been baking bread for at least 3 hours of the 10, and even cut onions and cooked dinner I was shocked to see it didn’t vanishing on me. With the biggest surprised being that it had lasted longer than my foundation. As pictured below.

Now it is not perfect, the color ‘don’t speak’ has drastically changed, blending more into ‘where is my mind’ but ‘enter sandman’ is still shining! and I know for sure that I rubbed my eyes at least three times while chopping onions for dinner wear this.

But I have never seen a $10 pallet last this long. By now it would be smudged basically off especially from sweating while baking. As you can see my foundation is honestly gone and the shine is just from my oil skin popping through, lip stick is way gone at this point and even my one eyebrow is starting to fade. So the fact that this $10 pallet lasted longer than anything else I used and I didn’t touch it up at all just made me want to buy more pallets from Essence and see what else they have. So would I buy this pallet?! Yes, I think it would be an overall good purchase considering the price, and if you are not buying it for a bright red.

My Overall Breakdown

Cost effective 8/10
Pigmented overall 8/10
Crease Free 10/10- I had no problem with this
Fade resistant (most colors)- 8.5/10- Red (don’t speak) killed the rating
Easy to work with 8/10- again don’t speak killed this rating as it just wouldn’t build
Smell (not like toxins) 7/10- no toxin or chemical smell

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